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Set up in 2015, the VIA Developments team has a wealth of experience and expertise in all aspects of property development and investment.  Our strategy is to target prime development opportunities across the UK where there is high demand for quality residential properties. 

Specifically, this includes areas such as vibrant city centres and locations within easy commuting distance of urban employment opportunities.

The vision of Via Developments plc is to become a market leader in the development of UK city centre residential property
Stephen Khan - Co CEO

To achieve outstanding results, we collaborate with a range of investment and property professionals.  These include land agents, property consultants, lawyers, stockbrokers, discretionary fund managers, corporate finance companies, private equity organisations and institutional funders.

The flexible approach we bring to maximising ROI for our clients is part of a broader vision.  This goes beyond financial gain to include playing an integral role with all parties involved in the property development process.  To this end, we also place great importance on communicating clearly with our suppliers and partners, regulatory bodies, internal staff and others.

VIA Developments is a forward-looking organisation which recognises its responsibilities to both clients and communities.  We would therefore welcome any contributions to the ongoing conversation we want to develop where integrity and trust are the foundations for a successful future.

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