Development Sites Wanted

Via Developments PLC are always on the lookout for new investment and development opportunities to expand its ever-growing portfolio. We are interested in outright purchase of property and land and joint venture opportunity’s that would suit our bespoke development style. Ideally, these sites will be located in popular urban locations close to transport links.

Although we are seeking land, we are seeking the right parcels of land that will enable us to realise our visions, as well as meet the needs of the local community.  Whether it’s for residential apartments/houses, custom-built small hotel developments to sell on, social housing, or strategic land purchases, each project must also be in line with our business objectives and focus.

If you feel you have any suitable properties or land that fits our requirements please contact us on (0161 871 4869 or Email through form below) as we would be delighted to hear from you.

Current areas of interest-

  • Manchester City Centre
  • Manchester regeneration areas
  • Liverpool City Centre
  • Luton Town Centre
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